​​Pilates *  Yoga * Intuitive Art Therapy

Intuitive Art Therapy

Intuition is the process of knowing without analytic reasoning, bridging the gap between the conscious and unconscious parts of our mind. Combined with accessing your Akashic Records (your soul records of this and other lifetimes). Readings offer guidance into areas in life we can not see for ourselves. It brings awareness and healing to common life struggles, anxiety and depression.



Conscious Fitness

​Conscious fitness is physical movement with direction and purpose. Combining Pilates (both mat Pilates and Reformer Pilates), Yoga , bio-mechanics and precision to work in the best alignment for your body. Pilates can be an effective treatment in both physical and mental life stress and anxiety.

​Based in New York City with online and phone sessions available
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Intuitive Art Therapy

I have training in Art Therapy, visualization and Akashic Records. These sessions can clear what blocks you, reveal the core issue holding you back, give clarity,  and set a foundation for you to step into your best way of being. Sessions channel positive energy and focus on bringing clarity. These are active sessions and require clients to be open and willing to explore their blocks.

Mostly done via phone (allows a direct energy connection)

(in person sessions can be scheduled near UnionSq, NYC)

$150 in person

$120 phone session


Pilates is my foundation in all body work. Sessions can be geared toward fitness, wellness or rehabilitation. I work with the client to design the best workout for them to fit their needs and goals.

Pilates mat, Pilates reformer, and Yoga focusing on alignment , flow and breath.   

UnionSq, NYC and Williamsburg, Bklyn

single private session $120

5 sessions    $ 550

10 sessions $ 1000