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Intuitive Coaching

Using the Akashic Records to guide and heal you into your best way of being.


Intuitive Coaching

Intuition is the process of knowing without analytic reasoning, bridging the gap between the conscious and unconscious parts of our mind. Combined with accessing your Akashic Records (your soul records of this and other lifetimes). Coaching offers a guide to help see what we can not see for ourselves.

Conscious Fitness

​Conscious fitness is physical movement with direction and purpose. Combining Pilates, Yoga , bio-mechanics and precision to work in the best alignment for your body.



Art Therapy

A psychotherapeutic practice using art materials for self exploration and awareness.


Pilates and Yoga

A workout focusing on alignment , flow and breath.


Consciousness. Movement.


Art Therapy

Art Therapy is an integrative mental health practice that combines knowledge of human development and psychological theories and techniques with visual arts and creative processes. Art and art making involve the brain and body in ways that verbal language does not. Through the use of non-verbal communication emotional expression can be released.

The Mitchell Method

Pilates *  Yoga * Intuitive Coaching *  Art Therapy

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