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Yes. The main reason I continue to use Pilates as my foundation in work is because it works. The choreography and the fundamentals of this program work on the anatomical structure of the body to bring back to the center anything that may have shifted off its grid. Through small controlled movements the body works to release blocks, stiffness, tightness and weakness as it grows stronger. It may never "cure" an injury or illness but it will relieve the pain and symptoms created.

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Will this Method make me lose weight?

I had a session with Andrea a few weeks after the very traumatic delivery of my son. Although our session was over the phone, it felt like she was right next to me holding my hand. I needed the compassion and tenderness she exuded on that call. She was able to provide me with the information about where I was at spiritually but also gave me practical advice for the day to day. It was exactly what I didn't even know I needed. I got off the call feeling like a new person. 
Andrea is one of the most gifted practitioners I have ever met. Her ability to meet her clients where they are in life and in energy is amazing. She gets to the heart of the matter with love and grace and provides firm but gentle support. I highly recommend her to everyone!

Viki, Pilates Instructor, Breathwork and Intuitive Healer

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The Mitchell Method

The simple answer is Yes. This method will help you lose weight if that is your goal. However, I believe that lasting weight loss only happens to those who are open for it and willing to make the change. For some people this is simply exercise and more conscious eating. For others there may be a deeper emotional block that is keeping you from losing weight. I will be a guide to help you transform your pattern and explore the reason you can not lose weight but the power of change is in your control.

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These are the most often asked for next to weight loss. My answer is both love and financial abundance are out there for each of us but sometimes there are lessons or personal blocks that hold us back. First is to identify these and see how we can work with them to create more love and more abundance in your life.

Will this method make me pain free?

Will this method help me make more money and find true love?

For someone who dreads exercise of any kid, I always look forward to my Pilates sessions with Andrea. It's not only because of her positive and delightful energy, but because she keeps every session interesting and effective. She has a never-ending source of Pilates knowledge and introduces new exercises and stretches all the time. Also, she is hoighly focused on the individual's particular needs and has helped my body develop in immeasurable ways. I couldn't recommend Andrea more highly.

Juman Malouf, artist and author

Will this method cure my depression?

I had only ever done mat Pilates before I met and worked with Andrea. She completely changed my understanding of Pilates by helping me target specific areas during my workout, using exercises that focused on and strengthened those places. She is knowledgeable, upbeat, and makes a hard workout fly by! I love training with her!

Piper Perabo, actor

Client Testimonials

Although I had been familiar with Pilates when I began working with Andrea, she changed my ideas about both the exercises and what my body is capable of, and has an exceptional ability to know when to push me to try something new and challenging. I feel stronger, more aware of my alignment, and happy to have found a way to exercise that I really look forward to. In terms of a teacher, I couldn't ask fo a better, more observant, knowledgeable and fun trainer than Andrea.! 

Alison Pill, actor

I have been Andrea's client for over a year, and I've felt a huge change in how I look and feel, because of her, I am stronger, leaner, taller, and more flexible. The best part is that it never gets boring: Andrea incorporates non-traditional exercises with the traditional Pilates routine, based on individual needs. If I miss a session, I notice my body really craves that type of movement.

Julia Stiles, actor

This is not a clear answer. There are many forms of depression and many ways each of us integrates it into our being. If you have a chronic depression you may need a medication or a deeper psychological approach than I can provide. It is proven that exercise and therapy together can alleviate symptoms of depression. What I provide is a resource to guiding people to the core of their depression and releasing and healing as they become ready. It is both physical and emotional and often needs the combination of both modalities to heal.

I am very grateful for my intuitive coaching session with Andrea. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into it, but the experience was profoundly helpful. Everything Andrea reflected to me resonated—but it took Andrea’s compassionate guidance for me to be able to look at some “blocks” and begin to see how I could move through them. It’s been a few weeks since our session, and I’m already implementing some of the suggestions that Andrea gave me. After a long time, I feel like I’m on the right path in my life, moving toward greater freedom and peace. I know that Andrea was a part of the shifts I have made, and I’d recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone.
Rita, media professional/writer

Andrea is a truly gifted Pilates instructor. Her attention to detail is extraordinary. Her workouts are so varied that it is impossible to get bored. Andrea works with your body and is  amazing at adjusting her program based on your individual needs. From basic to advanced Pilates to injury rehabilitation, Andrea is the perfect teacher. And most of all you couldn't ask for a sweeter human being. She will change the way your body looks but will also make you feel more confident and better about yourself from within. I can't say enough great things about Andrea.

Anna Paquin, actor

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