This is not a clear answer. There are many forms of depression and many ways each of us integrates it into our being. If you have a chronic depression you may need a medication or a deeper psychological approach than I can provide. It is proven that exercise and therapy together can alleviate symptoms of depression. What I provide is a resource to guiding people to the core of their depression and releasing and healing as they become ready. It is both physical and emotional and often needs the combination of both modalities to heal.

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Will this method make me pain free?


The Mitchell Method

The simple answer is Yes. This method will help you lose weight if that is your goal. However, I believe that lasting weight loss only happens to those who are open for it and willing to make the change. For some people this is simply exercise and more conscious eating. For others there may be a deeper emotional block that is keeping you from losing weight. I will be a guide to help you transform your pattern and explore the reason you can not lose weight but the power of change is in your control.

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These are the most often asked for next to weight loss. My answer is both love and financial abundance are out there for each of us but sometimes there are lessons or personal blocks that hold us back. First is to identify these and see how we can work with them to create more love and more abundance in your life.

Will this method cure my depression?

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Will this Method make me lose weight?

Will this method help me make more money and find true love?

Yes. The main reason I continue to use Pilates as my foundation in work is because it works. The choreography and the fundamentals of this program work on the anatomical structure of the body to bring back to the center anything that may have shifted off its grid. Through small controlled movements the body works to release blocks, stiffness, tightness and weakness as it grows stronger. It may never "cure" an injury or illness but it will relieve the pain and symptoms created.