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Questions and Answers

How long have you been teaching Pilates?
Since 2004 so about 13 years

Where were you certified?

I was certified in Pilates apparatus and mat with Kelly Kane at the Kane School. This was a non-classical certification focusing on anatomy and bio-mechanics. I was certified in Power Yoga with Paige Elenson at Africa Yoga Project and Baron Baptiste in Level 1 training.

Why do you love teaching Pilates?
I love how each session is different from the next because each body is different. Even if I work with the same person numerous times their body may be different each day they show up. What I love most is the connection I have with my clients. The body is similar to a puzzle and it inspires me to figure out how the pieces connect.

How is your teaching different than others?
I use the Pilates choreography and principles as a foundation but often deviate from it based on my client's needs. I think what makes me unique is the connection I create with my clients that often goes beyond the studio and the choreography. That and my intuition. I have practiced and learned to use my intuition as a tool in my teaching. I call it my "cheat sheet" because it allows me a quicker insight into what is happening with a client. I can often "sense" where blocks may be within the body or what type of movement would be most beneficial for them.
What is intuition?
The short answer is “knowing”. It took me several years to acknowledge my intuition because I could not explain it. I knew why things worked but I did not always know the reason behind it. As a young therapist in graduate school I often became frustrated because I knew what would work with clients but not always why it would work. Theory, practice and skills were just as important as the answer but it was more difficult for me to explain my reasoning. Often I had to work backwards; starting with the result and working toward the reason why. I now practice incorporating both. Sometimes the lessons and the paths we take are more important than the answers.

What are intuitive sessions?

Intuitive sessions, as I practice them, allow my clients the space to ground and focus while exploring an area in their life that feels blocked. First, I do a body scan in which I can feel out if there are any physical blocks needing attention. Then I check in with my client and ask them to set an intention for their session. I believe that by stating out loud your intention you call forth the energy required to achieve your desires. I focus on the here and now and not the future. The NOW is where healing is and often times future events are subject to change.

Can you tell me my future?
Perhaps, but it is not my intention or goal so most likely that will not come through. I believe our futures are not mapped out in certain terms and can be changed by choice and will. It is more important to me that each person lives the true potential of the now and can believe in the light they carry.

Can I combine my Physical session and my intuitive session?

Yes! In fact when clients are coming to me I often suggest they do both because it provides me with a deeper understanding of their body.

Pilates and Fitness packages
All sessions are 55 minutes and incorporate mat and Pilates apparatus in a non-classical method.
Sessions are $120 (packages are available) and can be interchangeable with Therapy

Intuitive Readings
All intuitive sessions are via phone and 45 minutes in length
Sessions are best suited for those who are over 18 years old and seeking clarity on a specific life issue. This work is helpful for anxiety, depression and life or artistic blocks. Sessions include intuitive work utilizing the  Akashic Records and visualization. This option is not to be used in place of professional help. 

sessions start at $120 (packages are available) and can be interchangeable with Pilates

Therapy and Coaching $150
In person therapy sessions are available by appointment and screening only. These sessions combine both intuitive akashic record readings and Creative Art Therapy techniques. The ideal client will be 18 and older, have an open mind and a willingness to be present in the work. Artistic talent is not needed but visual modalities can sometimes be helpful when looking at our life blocks in a new way.  These sessions can help when feeling blocked in life, overwhelmed, or at a cross roads. Ever wonder if you are on the right path or in the right career? Will I ever find love? What can I do to organize my life better? How can I manage it all? These sessions can be helpful. You will not be told your future, but you will be guided deeper into what may be holding you back. 

24-HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations must be requested 24 hours before the appointment. If you fail to cancel in time, you will still be held responsible for the full cost of the session. All packages expire six months from date of purchase.